How to Make Money with Google Admob – Making money online is a lot of ways, not only through advertising programs such as Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, and others. One of them is through Google AdMob.
Some online business people misinterpret how to make money with Google AdMob. Yes, there are those who think Google AdMob is only for those who understand coding to create an application for both Android and other platforms.
How to make money with Google AdmobHOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH GOOGLE ADMOB
The opinions above are true. But apparently, does not require coding at all and you can and are ready to become a Google Admob publisher.

Android applications can be made with various methods.Do not believe. Please read further.

Why AdMob, not the others?

Many mobile advertising programs besides Admob such as Leadbolt, MobClix, MobFox, MoPub, and others. The reason.
As you know Admob is an Android-based advertising media owned by Google companies. Of course, this is very interesting if you want to make a profit. Google company has certainly not disappointed the publisher as long as it complies with the applicable policies and provisions.
Take a peek at how to make money with Admob!
The prospect.
The more years of development of Android-based smartphones the higher the growth. Even smartphone price are getting relatively cheap, only spending 10 thousand, people can already have an Android smartphones.
You can already imagine the opportunity!
This is a glimpse of smartphone users in ALL OVER THE WORLD

How to make money with Google Admob
Additional Info. The higher the downloads, the higher the income.

Read more until it’s finished.

Step # 1 – Arrange planning

Plan Important or not.
Before starting a business, the plan is very important. With a plan you know where you are going.
All business people have prepared a plan before deciding to start it.
Think about it
For Android applications, there are two things you need about before you really want to realize it immediately.

1.a Target international
Why International!
This is the same as a blog monetized with Google Adsense and its main language “English. If you target international consumers, the benefits you get are greater.
International smartphone users are much larger than domestic.
One more thing, the value of overseas advertising is far more expensive than in the country.
This is a picture of smartphone users in the world


1.b. National target
What’s wrong trying to try domestically.
Just like a Google Adsense blog with the main language ‘Uedu/Hindi’, it will be successful if you have high traffic.
An android application also produces maximally, if you get a lot of downloads. This depends on how you are performing.

Step # 2 – Prepare email

Like what it needs.
Email is very important to link to various Google products. If you are new or want to start making money with Google AdMob, it’s better to register a new email.
Google Admob = Google = Google Adsense.
Well, as an AdSense publisher no longer need to register a new email, just link the account to Google AdMob and finish.

2.a. Sign up for Google Admob

It turns out the registration process AdMob is not as complicated as Google AdSense registration. Without waiting for a long approval and without having an application, you are immediately accepted as a publisher AdMob.
Below is how to register an email to Google AdMob.
Step to sign up for Google AdMob, visit Admob and singup.

2.b. Sign up for google play developer

What is that?
Google play developer is a place to submit an Android application later if the application is ready.
What is needed?
To register with Google Play the developer must have a credit card and prepare a fund of $ 25.


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Step # 3 – Application Preparation

How to prepare well.
Creating an Android application requires clear and precise preparation.
Here are some steps that must be your concern.
3.a Specify the type of application
Broadly speaking there are 4 categories based on google play store.
1. Application
3. Books
4. Kios
Of the four categories, it is better to choose one of them. this is to make it easier for you to develop to produce.
3.b Research needs of Android applications
Without doing research it will be painstakingly developing android applications.
Imagine, you made an application and apparently there are thousands of similar applications.

For example:
Not suitable
Application strategy fighting game = age 50-60 years.
Healthy book application for old age = 20-25 years old.

Very suitable.
Game application fighting strategy = 20-30 years.
Application of cookbook = age 20-50 years (mothers).
Research -> Needs -> Do It

3.c Create an attractive application design
An attractive design can certainly attract people to download. Android application design can be specified according to choice when making it, read point 3.d.

3.d Select the media to create the application
This stage depends on your ability, needs, and budget. Nothing is suggested, these three points are equally good.

3.d.a Make manually
By deciding to make an android application manually, it means you are ready to be confused with various types of coding.
Important! This method is for those who already know the ins and outs of coding, of course.
You can study here.
A coding guide for those of you who want to be challenged, please learn on the site

3.cb Automatic way
Have funds but not too big. Prepare money ranging from 1 million to 10 million. And look for android developer vendors that can be done directly automatically without confusing coding problems.
Some references from me.
However, each developer vendor has advantages and disadvantages. As :
– Must subscribe every month
– Payment only for an application ​​Rent a paid application service
Many services are ready to help you create and develop an android application.
Here are some references Looking for a free vendor
Many vendors offer developing android applications. The location of your weakness is not benefited from the profit sharing system. But, if you want to try it, please.
Following are some references:                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
And I really don’t recommend it.

3.e Integrate the AdMob code
Before entering the Android application finalization, don’t forget to take the AdMob code in your account and put it into the Android application.
How to put the AdMob code into an android application is different depending on the vendor you are using.

3.f This is a goal
Goal = Results
After all, is finished, please leave your application and certainly, before the goal, the Android application has been reviewed and tested on the Android smartphone platform.

Step # 4 – Submit the app to google play store

The last step.
At this stage, the Android application is really ready to be submitted to Google Play Store. When submitting the application, you are faced with two choices, namely paid (people will buy the application) and free (integrates AdMob ad code).
Like the title of this article, I review how to make money with Google AdMob instead of making money from selling applications.
Continue the last step

Step # 5 – Application campaign

Good application = no campaign = result = Zero
The last step is often forgotten by the usual beginners. What would it be like if an Android application didn’t get a campaign at all? Just like a political party, if the minimum campaign is made sure no one chooses.
The android application produces the maximum, depending on your campaign.
Do not believe.
The Flappy Bird game application that has been deleted by the owner, earns up to 4 million per day just by AdMob advertising.
Do you know!
Flappy Bird is famous and gets a lot of downloads because it was reviewed by one of the world’s biggest news sites, Huffington Post.
Here are some media references for campaigns:

5.a Via premium advertising
Prepare enough funds to advertise on Google Adwords, premium FB ads or advertise on the biggest sites in the country such as sites seconds, Legal, Compass, anytime and others.
This is suitable for large android developers.

5.b Via social media
It is very advantageous to have a large number of fans base.
There are many social media. Like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and others. Use your account to the maximum as a campaign medium.
There is no money you spend, just a little bit of enthusiasm.

5.c Via blog or website
Having a blog or a web is very useful indeed.
Write an interesting article about your android application. Then post to the blog and find as many visitors as possible.

5.d Via the biggest forums
Forum seconds, compass, ads ID, social, kaskus and others.
Campaign Android apps naturally and normally in these forums wisely.
During the campaign, avoid spam as much as possible. This will adversely affect the future of your Android application.

Start immediately. Don’t be afraid to fail. Success doesn’t come overnight. Read this.
There is still something you want to ask, don’t hesitate. Tell in the comments box or contact by email.
How to Make Money with Google Admob, Hopefully, Helpful
Credit:                                                                                                           Author: Numair Awan

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