What is Google SafeBrowsing and how to avoid appearing on your list

What is Google SafeBrowsing and how to avoid appearing on your list


Google SafeBrowsing is a Google diagnostic service that examines the websites it indexes in its search engine in search of unsafe content (malware). Said in a few words: if you leave the list of unsafe Google SafeBrowsing sites you have a serious problem with your website.

When Google detects an unsafe site, in addition to adding it to the SafeBrowsing list, it will be indicated in the Google search results that the site is not safe and will not recommend your visit, which will greatly affect the number of visits we will receive from the site. browser. In addition, in some browsers such as Chrome, when we try to access a website that is on the blacklist will show a previous message informing us of the danger.

With all that said, it is clear that we are not interested in Google identifying our site as unsafe.

The sites that Google identifies as unsafe, for putting at risk the user’s computer that visits the web, can be divided into 2 groups:

  • Malicious software site: include a code that will try to install unwanted software on the user’s computer that accesses the web. It is usually done so that hackers can obtain sensitive user information (passwords or other private information), or use that equipment later in tasks such as massive attacks, etc.


  • Phishing site: the site will try to impersonate another web page so that visitors think they are on the page they imitate and thus enter sensitive information. The typical example of phishing is to create a page impersonation of a bank, so that users, thinking they are on the real web, will enter their username and password, data that the hacker will then use on the real web.
    To avoid having this type of problems it is important that we respect a series of security rules in our WordPress to make it difficult for the bad guys.

These security measures range from basic aspects, such as having a secure password to access the administration, to more complex issues, such as not using vulnerable plugins. In the blog of Webempresa, you can find an article on basic safety tips for WordPress, as well as another about increasing the security in WordPress. A specific category with articles on WordPress security is also available, where new entries will be published periodically.

As important as keeping your WordPress safe is that the server where you host your website is also.

Of little use to have a WordPress completely safe if the server has a very weak security and can attack us there. In fact, it would be the most frustrating thing. Therefore, when you go to choose a hosting service for your WordPress to make sure you have implemented security measures, the more the better.

What’s more, a server with the appropriate security measures can prevent us from having to install additional security plugins.

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But what happens if I’m already on the list of unsafe Google SafeBrowsing sites?

In this case, it is urgent that you take the necessary measures to solve the problem. If you have been doing regular backups of your website then you could try to restore a backup with a date before the “infection” or hack of your website.

The problem with this is that you will lose the information that you have added to your WordPress since the date of the backup.

The other possibility would be to clean up the malicious code they may have added on your website.

This can be complicated because you can never be absolutely sure that you have eliminated all that code. Google has pages with help to clean up that malicious code.

Final advice: do not leave the security of your website for when it is too late .

Take the appropriate measures from the beginning to avoid disappointment. It is quite difficult for you to maintain your web page so as to lose all the work done because of some soulless people.

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