[Fix] Elementor error failed to load in WordPress

A fairly common mistake recently when people using Elementor encountered.

It is the Widget or Menu section on the left of the Elementor editor that rotates forever and cannot be selected.

So where does this error come from?

And how to fix this error?

What is the Elementor error that fails to load?

The manifest of this error is when you ” Edit page with Elementor ” you will encounter:

The left menu widget loading forever, and can not be used.
The blank screen is inaccessible when entering Elementor

You will not be able to drag and drop widgets from the left.

Sometimes you can still edit the content available.

But it is not possible to add sections or any other content on the left menu.

5 Ways to fix Elementor error that fails to load

1. Check for incompatible themes or plugins

The first step is to check if the plugin or theme is conflicting.

This is also a common way, to check when you encounter errors when installing a certain plugin.

First, deactivate all plugins currently installed (Active per Elementor).

Return to check if Elementor is able to load?

If Elementor is working, then you are probably at conflict with the plugin.

Or the server has run out of resources.

Start activating one plugin at a time, and also check Elementor for any plugin conflicts.

If there is an error, please F12check console what message is displayed.

2. Check PHP Version and PHP Memory Limit

If your server is using PHP version or PHP memory limit is too low.

This will also lead to the Elementor failure to load.

Elementor encourages you to use PHP version 7.0 or higher.

And the PHP memory limit is higher than 128M.

Check PHP version with cPanel

Increase PHP version with cPanel

For some 3rd-party Elementor Add-ons will require even higher PHP memory limits.

How to increase PHP Version is quite simple if your host has Cpanel.

Or contact the host with the host for assistance.

3. Check the .htaccess File

If you are using an Apache server (most shared hosting will use it)

That means you can edit the .htaccess file.

Sometimes because you do not install this file correctly, it may damage some functions.

Back up the current file, and in a new .htaccess file.

Then come back and see if it’s okay.

4. Increase the Apache Server Limit

Sometimes your server will be subject to a resource limit.

In this case, you can increase this limit by:

Add the following code to the .htaccess file

<IfModule mod_substitute.c>
SubstituteMaxLineLength 30m
LimitRequestBody 9999999
5. Change Editor Loading Method

Elementor provides an option to change the front-end editor method.

You can go to Elementor Settings Advanced and check the box “Switch Editor Loader Method”

Okay now come back to check it out 😀

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