How to Customize The Login Page in WordPress

You have spent a lot of time and effort to build WordPress. However, you may have missed one important aspect: the Login Page, or login page, so how to customize the Login page.

There are many reasons to use a WordPress login page, such as security enhancement, brand enhancement, and user experience enhancement. Whatever the reason, you should change the default WordPress login page type. This is a great way to improve your website.

Customize the login page

In this article, we will show you how to customize the login page in WordPress. In addition, we will introduce a number of support tools, including some of the best custom login page plugins

Why is it necessary to customize the login page?

If you own a WordPress website then you are probably familiar with the default WordPress login page. However, it is quite simple and cannot display the brand of the company or individual.

It also doesn’t provide any specific security features that keep hackers and other unwanted bugs away from the admin area, in addition to basic WordPress security settings. For these reasons, the login page needs to be noticed as much as any other area on the website.

Here are some benefits of customizing your WordPress login page:

  • Better Security. You can protect the login page by changing the login URL, which makes it harder for hackers to find your login page. In addition, you can set a limit on the number of times a person can log in or add authentication elements. Use iThemes Security Plugin Pro to protect the website from any risks.
  • Uniform Brand. The branding on the login page will ensure consistency with the rest of the site to help users and members have a cohesive experience. Moreover, if you add a login button using social networks, readers or members can log in and share article content more easily.
  • User Navigation. You can use your login page, to direct users to the page you want. This allows you to link to social networks or display special offers directly on the login screen.
    Enhance the user experience. You can customize the login page to take users to any site you choose, for example, the Profile page, Special offers or create a private message.

These are just some of the benefits a custom login page offers. However, the first benefit is considered to be the most important. Security is always the top factor you should consider.

Plugin to customize the WordPress login page

Now you understand why you should customize your WordPress login page. There are many plugins that can help you. Here are some of the best plugins, with lots of great features and high reliability.


ProfilePress is a handy plugin that allows you to customize your WordPress login page, as well as registration and password reset pages. You can also use this plugin to profile users. Moreover, ProfilePress has a shortcode installer that allows you to add shortcodes to any form on the web. This makes it easy to add reCAPTCHA, submit button, checkbox, etc.

Main function:

  • Allows custom login page, registration form and password reset form.
  • Let’s live preview make the design process easier.
  • Lets you redirect login, register and reset passwords for custom pages.
  • Compatible with Multisite, allowing users to create new sites through the front-end.
  • Allows users to upload avatars and provide censorship and social networking features (premium version).
Custom Login Page Customizer Free WordPress

If you are looking for a simple and fast way to customize your WordPress login page, then the Custom Page Customizer is a great option. This plugin uses the familiar customizer with simple options to change your logo, background, paddings, form fields and buttons. Additionally, you can always add custom CSS for more advanced changes.

Main function:

  • Easy to use design options
  • Familiar Customizer interface
  • Preview changes as you make them
Admin Custom Login Page Free WordPress

The Customize WordPress Login Page Plugin makes the login page personalization simple. This plugin allows you to change colors, add backgrounds and create slideshow backgrounds. In addition to custom features, this plugin also meets mobile websites and is integrated with Google Fonts.

Main function:

  • Allow changing login URL.
  • Enables personalized login page with colors and background tools,
  • Including social networking features,

LoginPress makes your WordPress login page simple and intuitive. This plugin allows you to edit the login page right from the WordPress dashboard and add custom fields and messages for users. In addition, there are many design-oriented features that help you incorporate brand and style in the rest of the site.

Main function:

  • Let’s add custom logo and background to your login page
  • Allows you to change the color of the buttons, …
  • Provides the option to create custom errors
White Label WordPress Plugin – WpAlter

This plugin allows you to customize the entire WordPress admin area. You can also use White Label Branding to control user access according to the specified role (author, editor, etc.) and to hide certain areas if needed. From there create an additional layer of security for your site.

Main function:

  • Allows you to completely customize the WordPress admin area based on user roles.
  • Allows custom application for login page, including logo, favicon, header and footer.
  • Provide a visual CSS editor.
  • Lets you customize the Admin area color with 25+ templates available.
  • Change any text in the Admin area.
  • And longer….
Tailored Login

Tailored Login is designed to suit the built-in manager for your login page and offers a range of customization options. This plugin allows you to add optional gadgets, edit the background, header, .. in your own style. This plugin is provided by iTheme

Main function:

  • Allows you to customize colors, fonts and widget area
  • Provides a customizable login page including headers, footers, buttons, and links
  • Allow to add up to two widget areas to the login page
How to customize your WordPress login page

So we have introduced some useful tools that you can use to change the WordPress login page, next we will guide the steps to customize. Of course, for each plugin, these steps will be different. If you choose a feature-rich plugin with lots of settings and options, it will take longer to set up the WordPress login page.

Below we will share some of the easiest steps

Step 1: Install the login page plugin

First of all, you need to choose the appropriate plugin then install and activate it. If the plugin you like is located in, you can find it right in the WordPress dashboard and select Plugin »Add New using the search box. For example, we choose the Custom Login Page Customizer plugin.

If the plugin you choose is owned by a third-party website, then you’ll want to navigate to Plugin> Add New but then click on the “Upload plugin.” Button Then follow the onscreen instructions to upload the plugin zip file and install it.

Step 2: Find the login page settings menu

After activating the plugin, you should try to find the plugin’s Settings page. For the Custom Login Page Customizer, you can find it in Appearance »Login Customizer. For other plugins, you can find them under Tools, Settings, or in the new menu, tab added to your WordPress dashboard.

Step 3: Start customizing the WordPress login page

If there are options on the settings page, start changing them. For the Custom Login Page Customizer plugin we are using, first, you need to click on the “Start Customizing” button to open the WordPress Customizer.

This plugin uses familiar design options about color, background, paddings….

You just need to follow the available options to create your own WordPress login page.

If you need (or want) to change something that is not available then you can use custom CSS. The Plugin Custom Login Page Customizer has its own CSS dashboard, but in

The default WordPress Customizer also has “Additional CSS” that you can use. A quick search on Google is the easiest way to find out how to write a few lines of CSS, but if you are unsure then consider whether the plugin developer supports it.

Once done, save it, your new custom WordPress login page will be up and running!

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