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New Pinball v1.0 Nulled

New Pinball v1.0 Nulled –  game is a crossover between pinball and soccer and you play against an AI in it. The hole on the bottom side is your goal and the one on the upper side is for your opponent. Unlike traditional pinball, you have four flippers in this game and of course, four buttons to control them.

New Pinball v1.0 Nulled

New Pinball v1.0 Nulled

At the game’s beginning and after each goal, the ball enters the field from one side of it and then you have to use your flippers to shoot it onto your opponent goal. The first player that reaches 5 goals wins the game. There are also 3 difficulties for AI so that it can be interesting and challenging for everyone!

New Pinball v1.0 Nulled Features:

  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Familiar yet new and unique gameplay
  • Combination of pinball and soccer!
  • Made with unity engine
  • document included
  • Cross Platform(Anroid, iOS)

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New Pinball v1.0 Cracked Requirements:

Unity 3D version 2018.4.11 or higher.

New Pinball v1.0 Free download Instructions:

Install unity 2018.4.11 or higher version to load up the project and see the read me file for details about editing, reskining and etc.

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New Pinball – Unity Complete Project Nulled

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Download Links


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