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Pixiedit Module for Nextpost Free Download


  • Mobile – Pixie has full mobile support and adapts its interface to fit the size of any device automatically.
  • Translatable – Pixie’s interface is fully translatable via configuration.
  • Watermark – Saved photos can be easily watermarked with specified text.
  • Photo Manipulation – Resize, crop, transform, and more via interface or API.
  • Filters – Pixie comes with many built-in filters like grayscale, blur, black & white, vintage, and more. More filters can be added via API.
  • Frame – Add built-in responsive frames to photo of any size or add your own frames.
  • Crop – Crop photo to one of the specified aspect ratios or let users select custom crop zone via UI.
  • Draw – Powerful free drawing tool supports both mouse and touch, has multiple brush types, colors, and more.
  • Text – Full support for adding text to images. Several hundred of google fonts can be used or only custom added fonts.
  • Shapes – Custom shapes can be easily added by simply specifying SVG image path.
  • Stickers – Custom stickers can be added or removed. Any type of image can be used as a sticker.
  • and more…

    Note: please read the instructions found in the zip file.


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