PageLoader v4.1 – WordPress Loading Screen and Progress Bar


PageLoader v4.1 is a wildly customizable loading screen and progress bar plugin for WordPress. Add it to your theme as a simple loading element or make use of it as a full-blown branding tool; the incredibly easy to use customization tools allow for both. It’s a fantastically lightweight and unobtrusive way to make an instant impression on your visitors.

PageLoader v4.1

PageLoader v4.1

Free Download PageLoader v4.1 – WordPress Loading Screen and Progress Bar.

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PageLoader v4.1 Features;

Loading icon

  • Choose from 10 included animated icons
  • Position icon anywhere on the screen
  • Freely change the icon animation speed, size, and colors
  • Add blur and fade effects
  • Optionally hide icon entirely

Loading image

  • Upload image or enter image URL
  • Position image anywhere on the screen
  • Add pulsating animation and control animation speed
  • Add blur and fade effects


  • Fade-out or slide-out (control direction, scaling, animation speed)
  • Customize background-color
  • Add secondary background color for fade animation (speed control included)
  • Use secondary background color for the background gradient
  • Customize background color transparency for a see-through effect
  • Upload background image (set as a pattern or full size)
  • Customize background image transparency for a see-through effect

Progress bar

  • Place anywhere on the screen
  • Customize bar width, thickness, roundness
  • Optionally display fullscreen
  • Customize bar and bar background colors (gradient option also available)
  • Optionally disable on touch devices
  • Optionally disable all other elements and display the progress bar only
  • Optionally disable the progress bar altogether

Loading messages

  • Position anywhere on the screen
  • Enter up to 3 loading texts, to be shown at random on each page load
  • Customize loading text color
  • Customize font size
  • Use theme font

Close function safeguard

  • If loading takes too long, a helpful message with a close function appears. This comes handy if something prevents a page from finishing loading (unresponsive embedded content from a third-party, for example).
  • Set custom appearance timing
  • Enter custom text
  • Customize color
  • Use theme font

Post-load website content animation

  • Target entire site body or specific elements only (a blog post’s title and content, for example)
  • Customize animation speed
  • Customize slide-in animation direction and distance
  • Customize scaling animation
  • Customize opacity of element(s) the animation is applied to

Other options

  • Display anything you’d like on the loading screen through the included unstyled widget location
  • Display only once per browser session
  • Set the custom delay for loading screen disappearance
  • Disable loader on specific posts/pages
  • Show loading screen on touch devices only
  • Show loader on homepage only (great for welcome screen behavior)
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PageLoader v4.1

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