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How to Make Money with Google Admob – Making money online is a lot of ways, not only through advertising programs such as Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, and others. One of them is through Google AdMob. Some online business people misinterpret how to make money with Google AdMob. Yes, there are those who think Google AdMob is only for those who understand coding to create an application for both Android and other platforms. How to make money with Google Admob

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How to Optimize the images of your website in WordPress

Optimize WordPress images Whether you have a blog or a free website in the WordPress cloud or if you have installed the application in a hosting that supports WordPress, you should know the importance of image optimization, not only by the weight in bites that can add it in a way unnecessary, thus slowing down its load, but because optimized images can become the factor that gives us the professional web finish we seek. Especially if with this we manage to

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Five Best Plugins for WordPress Forms – WP Forms Builder Plugins

WORDPRESS FORMS BUILDER PLUGINS In any WordPress web page, the forms are fundamental as an element of communication with clients, since they help to interact with them and favor the business development of a business. Nowadays it is necessary that any web page has a contact section where customers can contact to contact and transfer their commercial requests. These forms must be adapted to the specific needs of each company to meet their needs and those of their customers. In

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How to Analyze the Loading Speed of WordPress Website

Analyze WordPress One of the great advantages of digitizing a business is the speed at which you can reach, consume or consult the content you want. This benefit should always be taken into account when we create and manage our website. If a load of our content is not fast enough we can drive away a large number of visits and all our work would be in vain. If you do not have all the assurance that your WordPress page

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Five Best plugins to increase WordPress Website loading Speed

Increase WordPress Website loading Speed To understand the importance of the loading speed of your website, we will ask you the following question: If you enter a web that takes more than 5 seconds to load, what would you do? Normally, get out and find another one that gives you the same information, in a faster way. Visitors to your website will do exactly the same. What elements negatively affect the content load of your web page? Below we will

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How to Reset/Recover Forgotten Windows 7 Password

Reset/Recover Forgotten Windows 7   Forgetting is one of the most natural human traits if you experience it every day. Although relatively reasonable, often forget to make people who experience it will get into trouble. Forget putting home keys for example, so you can’t enter your own house. In this modern era, forgetting is not only experienced by physical objects. Often you and we also, of course, forget the account password. This is due to the large number of accounts

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How to Download YouTube Videos Iin Android, Mac or iOS

Download YouTube Videos     Watching YouTube online videos is one of the favorite entertainment of many people while doing activities or just filling your free time. But what if you are offline – away from home, data is dead and there is no Wi-Fi? YouTube videos are designed for streaming, not to sit on your hard disk, telephone or solid state drive. But sometimes there is a good reason why you want to save videos for offline viewing. You

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How to Restore a Lost IMEI on Android – Restore IMEI Number

Restore a Lost IMEI on Android – Restore IMEI   Have you ever lost an IMEI? Usually, you are exposed to this problem when you finish doing Flash, Hard Reset or Factory Reset and Root on your Android. The bad result of losing an IMEI is that your smartphone/cell phone does not get an SOS signal, so you can no longer access the internet or even just text or use a telephone. Of course, it is very annoying, isn’t it?

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