Mindmap module Nulled for Perfex CRM Free Download

Mindmap module Nulled for Perfex CRM

Mindmap module Nulled for Perfex CRM – that allows its users to visualize ideas process, share and present thoughts by brainstorming. Collaborative mind mapping and brainstorming tool.

Mindmap module Nulled for Perfex CRM

Mindmap module Nulled for Perfex CRM

This s a msall module that will allow you to visualize your ideas. Mind maps assist the brainstorming phase because you can add ideas without a filter. They provide the perfect opportunity for challenging yourself creatively to put anything and everything you can think of out of your head and into a visual canvas to be examined and refined. As you begin to organize your map, you can delete ideas that don’t fit or alter them to more accurately tie to the themes you’ve identified along the way.

  • Conduct group brainstorming sessions effectively
  • Simple record ideas with different colours.
  • Define business processes and steps for your team
  • Structure your knowledge and idea all in Perfex

Mindmap module Nulled for Perfex CRM How to use it:

  • Double click on the main node to edit the title
  • Click on the node to open the menu
  • Right click to open the node properties menu
  • Add a Node, Child, sibling
  • Change the node colour background, change text colours
  • Change the font size, apply bold
  • Zoom in zoom out, link tags and more

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Try the demo, if it doesn’t work please view the attached screenshots.

Mindmap module for Perfex CRM Nulled

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