Flow-Flow v4.6.6 – WordPress Social Feed Grid Gallery Plugin

Flow Flow

Flow-Flow v4.6.6WordPress Facebook Instagram Twitter Feed Grid Gallery is a premium social media plugin that allows creating beautiful responsive galleries and widgets of social feeds, RSS, and WordPress posts. For example, you can add a custom Facebook feed, Instagram feed, and Twitter feed mixed in one gallery.

Flow-Flow v4.6.6

Flow-Flow v4.6.6

Free Download Flow-Flow v4.6.6 – WordPress Social Feed Grid Gallery Plugin.

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Embedding user-generated content (UGC) from multiple sources is a great way to add social proof to your WordPress website and increase your brand presence and boost your sales. User behavior researches show that over 70% of users won’t buy from you if you don’t have reviews or social proof of any kind. For its price, this plugin is a great alternative to web services that charge monthly payment for similar functionality. No monthly Subscription with Flow-Flow WordPress Social Stream!

Flow-Flow v4.6.6 Features;

  • Seamless API connection
    Connect Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare with one click! Other networks are incoming.
  • Content moderation
    Excluding posts by word, by username, by URL. Clean your grid from trolls and spam!
  • Visual Composer element
    Place your stream with ease if you’re using Visual Composer.
  • Social sharing buttons
    Drive the interaction and user involvement!
  • All popular Social Networks
    And their number is growing (based on popular requests).
  • Smart server caching
    Streams load almost instantly. No need to load data every time.
  • CSS3 transforms animation
    Shows the best performance and speed.
  • Cozy Admin Panel
    Intuitive and clean interface with live preview.
  • Lightbox galleries
    Fantastic look with attractive animations. Smart media preloading.
  • Well documented
    Straightforward step by step setup guides.
  • Responsive design
    With swipes support for sliding on mobile devices.
  • Highly customizable
    Change colors, use pre-defined presets, build own single card design, etc.
  • Sorting and search bar
    Let your visitors find specific posts or sort of content by sources.
  • Enjoyable interaction
    Beautiful animations and hover effects.
  • “Show More” button
    Load more items in the stream.
  • Smart resource loading
    Script and styles are loaded only when shortcode detected on the page
  • Responsive layout
    Will adjust to different container sizes.
  • Approval system
    You can preview posts before publish!


Flow-Flow v4.6.6

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Flow-Flow v4.6.6

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