Banhammer Pro v2.0 Nulled – Monitoring Traffic and Ban Unwanted Visitors WordPress

Banhammer Pro

Banhammer Pro v2.0 Nulled is a WordPress security plugin that enables admins to monitor traffic and ban any target with a click. So you can protect against threats and increase site security.

Banhammer Pro v2.0 Nulled

Banhammer Pro v2.0 Nulled

Free Download Banhammer Pro Nulled – Monitoring Traffic and Ban Unwanted Visitors WordPress.

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Banhammer Pro Nulled brings awesome new features like whitelisting, bot detection, and editable targets. Plus, Banhammer Pro is lightweight, fast, and easy on resources. Perfect for the best WordPress sites.

Banhammer Pro gives you full control of site access. Visit the Armory to monitor traffic and track suspicious visits. Find someone causing problems? Drop the Banhammer!

All banned, warned, and whitelisted targets will be locked in the Tower, where you can manage, view details, leave notes, or even show mercy and restore site access. You always are in control.

Banhammer Pro Nulled Features;

Protect your site like a boss:

  • Monitor traffic via Ajax-powered UI
  • Warn, Ban, Restore, or Whitelist any target
  • Target by IP, UA, user, request, or referrer
  • Display custom banned message to targets
  • Lightweight, fast and flexible
  • Easy and fun to use!

Enjoy simple yet powerful settings:

  • Quickly enable/disable plugin
  • Disable protection for logged-in users
  • Enable protection of the Login Page
  • Enable protection of the Admin Area
  • Custom Banned Response and Email Alerts
  • Advanced settings for maximum control!

Get complete information with a click:

  • Documentation on every screen
  • Easy to access from the Help tab
  • Get complete Infos, tips, and more
  • Keeps plugin pages nice and tidy
  • Complete docs at your fingertips!

Monitor site traffic in the Armory:

  • Complete Ajax-powered navigation
  • Useful tools like jump, sort, search
  • Enable/disable logging with a click
  • View advanced data like POST and FILES
  • Sound effects for Ban and Warn buttons
  • Automatically clear logged data

and much more…..

  1. Download Banhammer Pro Nulled From Below.
  2. Upload it on Your WordPress Website.
  3. Activate Banhammer Pro Nulled, Enjoy
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Download Banhammer Pro v2.0 Nulled

Download Banhammer Pro v2.0 Nulled

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