in bot v 1.5 Bot Cracked – Free Download – AmazCode bot v 1.5 Bot Cracked bot v 1.5 Bot Cracked bot v 1.5 Bot Cracked was created for educational purposes and I’m not taking responsibility for any of your actions. This project is licensed under the MIT License – see the [LICENSE](LICENSE) file for details. bot Bot Cracked




git clone
  • Open adfly-bot folder.
  • Run install.bat bot v 1.5 Bot Cracked


  • Run following commands in the terminal:
curl -fs | sh -s install "git python"
git clone
cd adfly-bot

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  • Run following command in the command prompt or the terminal:
python [-h] [-u URL|FILE] [-p N] [-B firefox|chrome] [-P FILE] [-R REFERER|FILE] [-U USER_AGENT|FILE]

>open rar file with given password
>extract and run
>goto setting and paste the fresh proxies
>paste ur link into the column and press start bot Bot Cracked

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