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SearchWP v4.0.23 Nulled is a WordPress search plugin from SearchWP  Nulled developers that makes it easy to find the content on your site. It supports the search for details of e-commerce products, PDF and Doc files, custom content, shortcodes, taxonomy, and optimizing the search for titles and posts.

SearchWP v4.0.23 Nulled

SearchWP v4.0.23 Nulled

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SearchWP Nulled was designed and built to be both a turnkey solution and a developer’s best friend at the same time

SearchWP Nulled Features;

  • PDF and Office Document Indexing: Index the content of PDF, Office, and text documents in your WordPress Media library.
  • Automatic Integration with Native WP Search, No Coding!: SearchWP’s default engine uses your existing WordPress native search forms and results template.
  • Multiple Search Engines: Configure individual search engines, each with their settings, to meet your needs. Easily integrate into your theme with step-by-step instructions.
  • Keyword Stemming: Show better results by using keyword stems instead of exact term matches.
  • Search Everything: Search your product details, Custom Fields content, Shortcode output, and more!
  • Exclude or Attribute Results: Easily exclude content from search results, or attribute findings to more relevant results.
  • Search Statistics and Insights: Log searches to find out what your visitors are searching for and (not?) finding.
  • Easy Algorithm Customization: Easily customize how results are ranked using SearchWP’s intuitive interface and weighing system.
  • WooCommerce Integration: Stop losing money when your customers can’t search for your product details!
  • bbPress Integration: Improve the usefulness of your forums by implementing a compelling, relevant search.
  • WP Job Manager Integration: Allow visitors to search for Listing metadata, which is otherwise ignored by WordPress.
  • Easy Digital Downloads Integration: Make sure your customers are finding your products quickly and effectively.
  • Advanced Custom Fields Support: Stop ignoring content stored in Advanced Custom Fields when searching your site.
  • Suggest a Feature: Did something get left out? Please feel free to inquire about additional features!


SearchWP Nulled

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SearchWP v4.0.23 Nulled

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