phpSearch v5.0.1 Nulled – Search Engine Platform – Free Download

phpSearch v5.0.1 Nulled - Search Engine Platform
phpSearch - Search Engine Platform Nulled - Free Download

phpSearch v5.0.1 Nulled – Search Engine Platform is a search engine platform based on Bing’s API, allowing users search the entire web or your own websites for web pages, images, videos and news. It has tons of filters to refine the search results, it comes with regional search, a light and dark interface and more.

phpSearch – Search Engine Platform Nulled

phpSearch v5.0.1 Nulled - Search Engine Platform
phpSearch – Search Engine Platform Nulled – Free Download

phpSearch v5.0.1 Nulled User Features

WEB SEARCH – The Web Search allows you to search the web or just specific sites, using various filters such as Period, File Format and other operands.

IMAGES SEARCH – The Images Search lets you search and preview images from the web or specific sites. Image results can be filtered by Aspect, Color, Size, etc.

VIDEOS SEARCH – With Videos Search you can search on web or specific sites, filters like Duration, Quality or Period will help you find the video you’re looking for.

NEWS SEARCH – Keep in touch with the latest, most relevant world and regional news, refine the news using the built-in search filters and never miss anything.

INSTANT ANSWERS – With instant answers you can get results right on the results page. For example: “QR Code”, “Stopwatch”, “Time” and more.

BACKGROUNDS – Your users will be greeted with one or more backgrounds every time they visit your website. Personalize your website and make them feel at home.

DARK MODE – Instantly change the website appearance from light to dark mode – great for low-light conditions like working on an airplane or at night.

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phpSearch Nulled Admin Features

SITE SETTINGS – Complete website control, enable or disable search options, change the search region, the results per page, and even limit the search to specific domains.

THEMES – The built-in theme system allows to switch between themes in an instant, changing your website appearance to a fresh new look.

LANGUAGES – The built-in language system allows your user to feel at home by providing a quick way to switch between multiple languages.

phpSearch v5.0.1 Nulled ADVERTISEMENT – The predefined advertisement spots allows you to easily insert your 3rd party ad-unit code on the home page or the search results pages.

5.0.1 – 19 February 2020
  • Added Cookie Law banner notification option
  • Added new Instant Answer (camelCase): “camelcase lorem ipsum”
  • Added new Instant Answer (random UUID generator): “uuid”, “guid”
  • Added Guzzle as the HTTP client
  • Improved support for PHP 7.4+
  • Other minor improvements
4.3.0 – 25 June 2019
  • Fixed an issue with the logos not pointing to the correct path
4.2.0 – 25 May 2019
  • Improved RTL support
  • Updated jQuery library to the latest version
4.1.0 – 8 May 2019
  • Fixed a rare case where the Next page button would be disabled even when results were available
4.0.0 – 1 April 2019
  • Added Search Privacy support (no tracking, private search)
  • Other minor improvements
3.0.0 – 3 February 2019
  • Added Home page backgrounds support
  • Added Entity for the Web Results (sidebar)
  • Added new Instant Answer (atbash): “atbash example”
  • Added left-aligned UI option with sidebar support
  • Added RTL language support
  • Added SVG support for logo images
  • Added small & large logo support
  • Added the ability to change various default Appearance and Search behavior in the Admin Panel
  • Improved the Videos results (video description now available on Desktop and Tablets)
  • Improved the Documentation (now available online)
  • Changed the default Safe Search option to “Moderate”
  • Changed how Safe Ads work (now ads will show for both “Moderate” and “Strict” Safe Search filter)
  • Fixed a rare case where specific results would not load the page
  • Fixed an issue with the Time Instant Answer not updating on time change
2.0.0 – 4 July 2018
  • Added News search type
  • Added Auto Suggest for the search box
  • Added Images, Videos and News (Search Answers) results for the Web results
  • Added Related Searches for the Web results
  • Added Image Preview Pane for Images Search
  • Added Query Spelling for the Web Results
  • Added deep URLs when available for the Web Results
  • Added a new Search Filter for Images: License
  • Reworked the header (improved UI and UX)
  • Reworked the filters menu (improved UI and UX)
  • Updated the jQuery library to the latest version
  • Improved the Instant Answer query evaluator (now supports unlimited triggers)
  • Other minor improvements
1.6.0 – 6 April 2018
  • Improved the way sessions are saved
  • Other minor improvements

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  • Apache 2+ (mod_rewrite)
  • PHP 7+ (MySQLnd, OpenSSL, cURL, mbstring)
  • MySQL 5+
  • Bing Search API Key (View Pricing)

phpSearch – Search Engine Platform Nulled

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