How to Optimize the images of your website in WordPress

Optimize WordPress images

How to Optimize the images of your website in WordPress

Whether you have a blog or a free website in the WordPress cloud or if you have installed the application in a hosting that supports WordPress, you should know the importance of image optimization, not only by the weight in bites that can add it in a way unnecessary, thus slowing down its load, but because optimized images can become the factor that gives us the professional web finish we seek. Especially if with this we manage to harmonize the images with the WordPress templates that are offered to us.

For this, we show you a series of online programs and services to achieve it. Including the WordPress plugin service for this purpose, and despite the fact that most of the plugins are in English, they are fully compatible with WordPress in Spanish, as well as being free.

WordPress Plugins

Ewww Image Optimizer. Through the “lossless” technique, an optimization can be made with minimal loss of quality. It allows you to do it in a massive way with all your images and it’s totally free.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer. Compress files in JPEG, PNG, GIF, and PDF. You have to register to obtain the API key. It’s free, but you can only optimize 500 images per month.

WP Shush. You have to set the maximum size of the images you upload, which are 50 in 50 for the free version, and the plugin resizes them automatically when uploading them to the web.

Zara 4 Image Compression. With plugin version and as an online web service. For JPG and PNG formats, it allows you to upload images one at a time or massively.

Imagify Image Optimizer The free version allows to compress up to 25 MB per month. With three levels of compression and compatible with WooCommerce and NextGen Gallery.

Optimize WordPress images Software

Photoshop It has many optimization functions. The only downside is that its complexity can discourage many, but resizing the system is as simple as in Paint. You just have to choose the image, enter the menu Image> Size of the canvas and choose the necessary dimensions.

Paint. We can easily resize and modify the images in three different ways. Once loaded, select View> Zoom> Custom. This will allow you to shrink or enlarge the image and polish defects pixel by pixel. The next option is I magen> Resize. Change the size in percentages. And finally, the most appropriate mode Image> Attributes, where you can change the resolution to your liking.

JPEG Resizer 2.1. Simple, intuitive, free and does not need to be installed. In addition, it allows resizing images in a massive way. You can download it directly in this in the CE from the hand of


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Online Optimize WordPress images services

TinyPNG Simple free drag and drop service up to 20 images in PNG or JPG. Its disadvantage is that the images can not exceed 5 MB, but the compression is quite good with little loss in image quality.

PunyPNG Up to 20 images with good compression quality. Formats JPG, PNG and GIF. You can register to access new advanced compression options.

Compress JPG. It allows up to 20 images at a time in JPG, PNG and PDF formats for free. In addition, you can adjust the compression level.

ImgOptimizer: Image optimization service for Webempresa clients.

In summary

Find the necessary dimensions by pressing the right button on the image> Inspect element, and looking for the name of the image and its extension. Passing the mouse over will indicate the resolution used by the web and the resolution (natural) that is using the image.

Use the tool that best suits your needs and formats. Do not forget that optimized images can make the difference between a professional finish of an amateur.

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