Five Best Plugins for WordPress Forms – WP Forms Builder Plugins

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Five Best Plugins for WordPress Forms - WP Forms Builder Plugins

In any WordPress web page, the forms are fundamental as an element of communication with clients, since they help to interact with them and favor the business development of a business.

Nowadays it is necessary that any web page has a contact section where customers can contact to contact and transfer their commercial requests. These forms must be adapted to the specific needs of each company to meet their needs and those of their customers.

In the case of WordPress, there is a great variety of useful plugins that will help you create the specific form you need for your website. These stand out for their ease of use, functionality and numerous available features. Among a long list of WordPress plugins, we can highlight some of the most used that will improve the customization of your WordPress templates.

WordPress Forms Builder Plugins

1. Ninja Forms

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular plugins and those that have more downloads among users. It stands out for its advanced design and customization options, as well as its ease of use, as it is very intuitive. These features make it a powerful creator of forms, whether contact, orders, subscription … or for the simple sending and management of emails.

It has different options for the management of forms, among which we can highlight a Front-End editor, it’s integrated antispam, a table editor or a drag and drop form builder where we can store all the emails.

It is also remarkable that it has no limitations regarding the number of forms, emails or fields.

2. Contact Form 7

This plugin, which already exceeds one million downloads, stands out for its ability to personalize, which makes it currently the most downloaded by the user community.

It has the basic functions to create and manage multiple forms, being its main utility to create contact forms.

On the contrary, its interface, despite being friendly, is not as simple as other plugins, since it lacks a drag and drop editor that makes it difficult for more inexperienced users to create more advanced forms.


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3. Jetpack

Despite having few customization possibilities, Jetpack has the simplest forms to use and is ideal for inexperienced users.

Backed by belonging to the signature Automatic (owner of WordPress), this plugin simplifies the management of WordPress websites and benefits the possibility of obtaining more traffic.

In the same way, it automatically accelerates and optimizes images, saving hosting costs as it reduces bandwidth.

4. Gravity Forms

Considered by many the plugin par excellence for the creation of WordPress forms, this is a very powerful payment tool that has a very good support service. Easy to use for not very experienced users, it stands out for its flexibility to create all kinds of forms: subscription to newsletters, checkouts for purchases, … as well as innumerable functionalities that will also help optimize your WordPress site in Spanish.

5. Sumome

It is a plugin that is recently growing in popularity among users since it has some interesting features aimed at capturing leads.

The Sumome forms, intuitive and easy to use, also stand out because they are integrated into the same online tool as the other available functions, so their operation is very similar and simple.

Thanks to him you can also customize the design while choosing which pages should appear and in what specific place.

With these and many other WordPress plugins, you can create the best contact forms for your website according to the specific needs of your business.

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