Drug Store – Pharmacy & Billing Management Web Application Nulled – Free Download

drug store

Drug Store – Pharmacy & Billing Management Web Application Nulled – Free Download – Drug Store may be a pharmacy management system developed with PHP. Drug Store theme is a reasonable solution to assist grow your business and track your store data like stock, purchases, billings and report, purchase report then many things. It store all of your pharmacy data for straightforward retrieval and tracking including your Medicines, Employees, Customers, POS/Bill, Invoice, Purchase, Stock adjustment, Accounting, Expenses, Attendance, Payroll, Attendance, Reports and Users. you’ll create multiple admin role. Manage all from one simple yet powerful application.

Drug Store – Pharmacy & Billing Management Web Application Nulled – Free Download

drug store

Inventory/Medicine Management
Point of Sales/Billing (POS)
Invoice Management
Purchase Management (Batch Wise)
Stock adjustment
Live Stock, Expired Stock, Upcoming Expire Stock month wise
Update Stock manually
Expense Management
Payroll/Staff Salary Management
Send Single/Bulk Email
Customer Management
Predefined Taxes, Payment Methods, Expense types, Invoice items etc,
Attendance Management
Advanced dashboard for admin role
Report Management
Date so far report generate
Bill report
Invoice Report
Purchase Report
Expense report
Sales Report
All Income & Expenses Statistics
Inventory Report
Out of Stock Report
Multiple Admin User and Multiple User Role
Easy Settings like Timezone, Date format, Currency and Invoice settings
Theme Customization
Responsive Design
Easy to Customize
Fully Customisable
Cross Browsers Compatible
HTML5 & CSS3 Optimized
Clean & Simple
Much More
The Pharmacy Management system otherwise mentioned because the pharmacy data system stores data, systemizes and controls the utilization of the medication process with the pharmacies.

The Medical Technology and knowledge technology is growing day-by-day. The system developer makes use of this golden opportunity to assist the pharmacist in controlling their stock and selecting the proper medicine by using the pc program.

The pharmacist makes use of the pharmacy management system to regulate the pharmacy reliably. Patients sometimes like better to visit the pharmacy rather than a doctor for minor illnesses, and therefore the system enables the pharmacist to prescribe over the counter drugs for these ailments

Drug Store – Pharmacy & Billing Management Web Application Nulled – Free Download

5 Major Pharmacy Management System (PMS) Features:

The prime purpose of a PMS is to help the pharmacist within the safe and effective delivery of pharmaceutical drugs.

The pharmacies require some core capabilities and functions to perform their duties effectively. Below are a number of the highest 5 must-have features for a Pharmacy Management System.


Pharmacies interact with multiple patients a day , and data regarding each of those interactions are stored within the pharmacy data system . Data could also be used later for improving the business strategy or it’s going to be needed during a certification or inspection process.

The reports offer valuable insights into the operations within the pharmacy. It are often wont to distinguish the patients who visit the pharmacy frequently for refills, and this will be wont to stock accordingly.


Prescriptions are known to be illegible and this will cause confusion among patients and is additionally a source of error in dispensing the proper medicine. E-prescriptions provide a user-friendly option for the patients and also reduce the danger of errors.

The electronic prescription feature are often employed by the pharmacy to manage refills and allows doctors to send the new refills directly into the pharmacy management system, allowing rapid dispensing of the medicines. aside from this, there’ll be no confusion in offering the proper prescription between the physician and therefore the patient.

SMS and Notification:

With the utilization of a pharmacy management system, the pharmacist can schedule text messages to be sent to patients intimating them before their prescriptions running out.

The patients can then let the pharmacist if they have a refill, just by responding to the message. The status updates let the pharmacist confine touch with the patients, ensuring patient satisfaction. Drug Store – Pharmacy & Billing Management Web Application Nulled – Free Download

Multi-Store and Multi-Location Support:

The user can manage stores at multiple locations easily with a pharmacy data system .

Data about stock levels, sales, returns from multiple stores are often viewed during a single software. Overall reports for the whole chain of stores are often generated, giving the user an entire overview of profit, loss, stock levels, etc.

User Management Module:

This feature allows restricted access to varied users. Access to varied features are often limited for various users, for straightforward management. This authentication is assessed into two conditions namely

Administrator User: The user can control the buying and selling process, list the medicines, view the stock and perform other tasks. The user are going to be ready to view the pharmacy list and therefore the pharmacy map easily. It plays an important role in controlling the sales and stocks being processed a day .

Administrator Authentication User: The users who are authenticated can view all process including selling reports, transactions, manipulate the drugs list and therefore the medicine stock. This feature also helps to trace regular activities and generate daily accounts by utilizing the multisite software.

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